Now it comes to an end with the terribly Windows Fonts which hold so good as no Special characters.

I drew every ASCII character of the original IBM Font that everyone has in his Computer (Bios, DOS and Linux) and saved it as a Windows Bitmap Font Pixel for pixels Character of characters now you can imagine what for a work this was.

  A normal True Type Font wich shows all ASCII characters properly. I suggest a Font size of 11.
  This Font can be used as a normal Font under Windows and also in DOS boxes (command line mode) (9 x 16 and 9 x 8).
Every character of the ASCII VGA Font is 9 x 16 pixel ASCII EGA Font is 9 x 8 pixel like the original.

If you encounter any errors I made please e-mail me.

Now some exampels:


And now the download link

ASCII.rar My Font Package (including the Font ASCII.ttf and ASCII.fon, a complet ASCII-Table and a Readme File ASCIIen.nfo)

  I created this file before i made the actual Font because i needed it in the DOS Editor under DOS 6.22 to draw the characters right. And here a little tip if you need a certain character print this file and use the parameters under Dec as an example 148 stands for the smal ö do this [Alt] + 0148 to make it clearer for you use [Alt] + 0{Dec} for a Special character.

Now I wish you all much fun with this Font and please make it public


Finally I want to refer to that I see this Font as my property so please don't steal it sure u can give it away for free or host it on your site unchanged of course the same applies for the NFO´s which always should be given out with the Font together. It is strictly forbidden to use this Font without my agreement in commercial products that means if somebody wants to use this Font in his Product u have to contact me first.

Thanks Cr4bl3r for translating German to English

(c) Eistee 2001